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Historical allegations of sexual assault: Understanding how the evidence in such cases is analyzed

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Cases arising out of allegations of distant events such as claims of sexual assault from a long time ago can be challenging for a court to analyze and assess.  More often than not, there is little in the way of physical evidence leaving the court with little more than the testimony of the complainant alleging the historical sexual assault.  In such instances, the court must exercise caution and scrutiny in analyzing the evidence.

Complainants in sexual assault cases can appear to ...

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R v. Reid Vernon | Examples Of Favourable Verdicts

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Case Name:

R. v. Vernon
Her Majesty the Queen, and
Reid Vernon
[2011] O.J. No. 3860
Ontario Court of Justice
Toronto, Ontario
L. Botham J.
March 1, 2011.
(19 paras.)

Charges: Over 80.


Counsel for the Crown: Mr. F. Bartley.

Counsel for the Accused: Mr. T. Pain.




1     L. BOTHAM J.:— I think it will readily become apparent I am only going to address Mr. Vernon’s Charter Application.

2     Basically Section 254(2) of the Code provides statutory pre-conditions for a lawful roadside screening demand. The Defence argues that the failure to ...

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Andrew, Toronto | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

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“Tushar helped me through a very difficult time in my life, and he did so with patience, dedication, and a genuine desire to put my mind at ease during the whole process. He was available to answer my questions when I needed him, and got me the outcome that I desired.

Andrew, Toronto”

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