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Carmen Wang | Examples Of Favourable Verdicts

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Case Name:

R. v. Wang


Her Majesty the Queen, and

Carmen Wang

[2012] O.J. No. XXXX

Ontario Court of Justice

Toronto, Ontario

B.A. Brown J.

Oral judgment: September 21, 20XX.

(11 paras.)


M. Lerner, Esq., Counsel for the Crown.

T. Pain, Esq., Counsel for the Accused.




1 B.A. BROWN J. (orally):— The Court listened carefully to the evidence given by both the Investigating Officer, P.C. Exton and the Qualified Technician, P.C. Poynter.

2 With respect to the evidence in this case, the Crown has indicated that at the end of the trial, it ...

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What difference should the gender of the accused make in a domestic assault case?

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Female spousal abusers should be given the same punishment as a male committing the same crime… Read the rest here.

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Getting pulled over by the RIDE program

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Now that the holiday season is upon us, there is lots of holiday celebrating going on and that usually means a little (or a lot) more drinking. But with the holiday season comes the annual RIDE (which stands for Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) program. As everyone knows by now (or ought to know by now), the RIDE program is a random roadside spot check program set up by the police to check drivers for sobriety.

Most people either don’t think about ...

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