Bail Hearing

Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is arguably the most important procedure in a criminal proceeding. A bail hearing is typically conducted after a person is arrested and charged. The person is then taken to court, where a justice of the peace or judge decides, during the bail hearing, whether the accused person should be released or detained in custody until the charge against him or her is resolved. A denial of bail can be devastating to a defendant – both in terms of personal life and the ability to defend against the charge.


R. v. C.B. Bail Hearing

Carll Benson was a young man involved in his first serious relationship. The relationship ended when his girlfriend, Lisa, announced that she had a new boyfriend. Carll was hurt and angry. A few weeks later, Lisa called the police and claimed that Carll had threatened her life by e-mail. Carll was arrested, charged and released from the police station on condition that he was to have no contact with Lisa. While awaiting his trial on this first set of charges, Carll found himself arrested again. The allegations were that he was, once again, sending Lisa harassing e-mails. Carl was charged with breaching the conditions of his release and criminal harassment. He was held overnight for a bail hearing. Read more about this bail hearing.

R. v. G.S. Bail Hearing

For a while, George’s marriage was on the rocks. He met another woman, Katie, and started to have an affair. The relationship was a stormy one and she ended up calling the police and having him charged with assault. George went for a couple of court appearances but then stopped going to court. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Meanwhile, George put the court proceedings out of his mind and continued on with his relationship with Katie. Eventually, he was found and arrested. He was bailed out by his wife, Moira, who by this time became aware of George’s affair and the charges against him. George stopped seeing his girlfriend, Katie. Katie got extremely upset and went to the police, claiming that George had assaulted her again. George was arrested again and held for a bail hearing. His odds of getting bail again were extremely low. Read more about this bail hearing. Read this testimonial.


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