Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Offences related to child abuse include allegations of physical violence, sexual assault, threats, abandonment, failing to provide necessaries, and other such allegations against children. Allegations of child abuse are often highly emotionally charged and can be severely destructive to the family unit when they are leveled against a parent. The desire to defend such charges is often at odds with the desire to resolve the case in order to allow the family to re-unite.


R. v. D.H. – Child Abuse Case

David Henrige was in a common law relationship nearly 30 years ago.  During that time he was a step-father to four children.  Eventually the relationship soured and David moved on.  Then, 30 years later, 2 of those children came forward and claimed that David had sexually assaulted them over 100 times while they were children. Read the jury address that lead to David Henrige’s acquittal on charges of child abuse. Read this testimonial.

R v. J.M. – Child Abuse Case

Julie Milgaard was a successful bank executive but she had a problem with alcohol.  One night she got into a headed argument with her child and ended up slapping him.  He started to bleed.  Julie was charged with domestic assault. Read more about this child abuse case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. F.M. – Child Abuse Case

Filipo Morris was 42 years old but lived at home with his parents.  His mother ran a childcare service out of their home.  One day, one of the children that she looked after complained that Filipo had sexually assaulted her.  Her parents went to the police and complained.  Filipo was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference.  Read more about this child abuse case.


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Child Abuse Case

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