Criminal Harassment

Criminal Harassment

This offence of criminal harassment is meant to capture stalking-type behaviour, be it phone calls, following, watching, or other forms of repeated communication. This charge is typically laid in the domestic context.


R. v. Shane Sutton – Criminal Harassment Case

After many years of matrimony Shane’s marriage and his life started to fall apart. His wife was having an affair and eventually decided to leave the house with the kids. After some time, she realized that she would be better off if Shane left the house and she lived there instead. When Shane refused, she accused him of harassing her and had him arrested, charged with criminal harassment and barred from the family home. Then she quickly moved into the house herself. Read the trial transcript to see what the judge thought of Mrs. Sutton’s allegations and her tactics. Read more about this criminal harassment case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. W.Z. – Criminal Harassment Case

Willy was having a heated affair with a co-worker.  The only problem was that she was married.  When her husband found out she panicked at the thought of losing her children.  She turned around and claimed that Willy had been harassing her and had sexually assaulted her. Read more about this criminal harassment case. Read this testimonial.


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