Driving / Traffic Offences

Driving and Traffic Offences

Driving and Traffic offences category includes charges such as ‘dangerous driving’, ‘dangerous driving causing bodily harm’, ‘dangerous driving causing death’, ‘flight from police’, ‘fail to stop’, and other such offences. Driving and Traffic Offences are all criminal offences (as opposed to Highway Traffic Act matters) and attract severe criminal sanctions. The potential penalties related to these Driving and Traffic Offences include driving prohibitions, fines, and even jail.


R. v. Steven Johns – Driving and Traffic Offences

Steven was driving along a country road when he found himself behind a slow-moving car. He carefully assessed the situation and decided to attempt to overtake the vehicle. He moved out into oncoming traffic but then the vehicle ahead of him decided to speed up. Steven accelerated and just made it back into his lane, avoiding a serious collision with the oncoming car. Unfortunately, that oncoming car was a police officer. Steven found himself charged with dangerous driving. Read more about this driving and traffic offences case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. R.M. – Driving and Traffic Offences

Ruben Miller was 18 years old.  One night he was out driving when he got pulled over by a police officer and searched.  The officer claimed he had been excessively speeding.  Ruben was charged with dangerous driving, possession of marihuana and possession of a prohibited weapon.  At trial, Ruben was acquitted of all charges.   Read more about this driving and traffic offences case.

R v. B.C. – Driving and Traffic Offences

Butch Calloway found himself charged with “dangerous driving”.  Working at the airport as an avionics technician, it was absolutely imperative that he avoid a criminal record.  With a record he wouldn’t be able to obtain the necessary security clearance required to perform his job.  Butch could not take a chance on being convicted of a criminal offence.  Unfortunately, the case against him appeared to be strong.  We took a unique approach to Butch’s case.  By having Butch take certain steps and by providing the necessary documentation, I was able to convince the Crown that, despite the nature of the facts, it would be more appropriate to agree to accept a guilty plea to the offence of ‘careless driving’ under the Highway Traffic Act – a non-criminal offence.  Butch pleaded guilty to ‘careless driving’ and avoided a criminal record. Read more about this driving and traffic offences case. Read this testimonial.


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