Drug Offences

Drug Offences

Drug offences are viewed as a scourge on Canadian society and are taken seriously. Drug offences are governed by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and include a wide range of drug offences.


R. v. R.M. – Drug Offences Case

Ruben Miller, an 18-year old kid, was out in the early morning hours, on his way to meet some friends at the back of a school. As he approached the parking lot, he noticed that the police were there investigating his friends. Knowing that he had marihuana in his car, Ruben decided to continue driving and avoid a confrontation with the police. One of the police officers saw him drive by and decided to investigate. Ruben was pulled over and his vehicle was searched. The police discovered some marihuana, a scale, and a “flick knife”. Ruben was arrested and charged with dangerous driving, possession of marihuana, and possession of a prohibited weapon. Ruben insisted that he was driving in a safe manner and did nothing to draw the attention of the police. The police officer insisted otherwise. At trial, Ruben was acquitted of all charges. Read more about this drug offences case.

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