Jury Address

Jury Address

“Serious” offences such as sexual assault, murder, robbery, and drug trafficking are often tried before a jury. At the end of the case, each lawyer speaks to the jury in an attempt to persuade them to make a finding favourable to his or her side. This is called the jury address. The jury address is an important phase of the trial and an effective jury address can often mean the difference between winning and losing the case.


R. v. D.H. – Jury Address Case

Nearly 30 years ago, David Henrige was in a common law relationship with Cristina Coldwell. For a short while, it was a happy relationship and they were a happy family. David took on the role of husband to Cristina and father to her four children. The relationship ended. David moved on. He had forgotten about his past with Cristina until 2002 when two of her children (now adults) came forward and claimed that they had been sexually assaulted by David on over 100 occasions all those years ago. Read the jury address that lead to David Henrige’s acquittal. Read this testimonial.


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