Sentencing Proceedings

Sentencing Proceedings

The sentencing proceedings phase is the penalty phase of the trial process. In many instances clients choose to plead guilty either because it is strategically appropriate or they do not wish to proceed to trial or they wish to admit their guilt. During sentencing proceedings, the focus is on obtaining as lenient a sentence as the circumstances will allow. For some, a favourable sentencing proceedings outcome means avoiding a conviction while for others it means avoiding jail or even minimizing an unavoidable jail sentence.


R. v. Nancy Nelson – Sentencing Proceedings

Nancy was the sole caregiver for her aging and elderly mother. One night Nancy came home to find that her mother had passed away. She called 911 and the authorities attended. The authorities found the house to be in an unimaginable state of disarray. The police were contacted and an investigation ensued. Nancy was eventually charged with ‘fail to provide necessities’ — an offence which carried a maximum 5-year sentence. Nancy wanted to plead guilty but was terrified of going to jail. Read more about sentencing proceedings.

R. v. K.M. – Sentencing Proceedings

Ken Masters was a decent fellow but short on social skills. One day, Ken loaned his friend, Mary some money. She started to pay him back but then stopped. Rather than speak to her about it directly, Ken started to circulate mass e-mails claiming that Mary was a criminal. The e-mails purported to be from the R.C.M.P. Ken eventually found himself charged with impersonating a police officer, defamatory libel, and conveying a false message. Ken knew that the evidence against him was overwhelming but he needed to avoid a criminal conviction. Read more about sentencing proceedings.

R. v. A.R. – Sentencing Proceedings

Alonzo Rambo and his wife, Felice Mambo, were both charged with welfare fraud.  After years of hard work they had established themselves in Canada.  However, in the early part of their lives in Canada, they were struggling and were on social assistance.  The fraud charge based on an allegation that they had stolen from the welfare system. Read more about sentencing proceedings.

R. v. B.R. – Sentencing Proceedings

Bogey Ragubeersingh went on a gambling spree at Casinorama.  He gambled away all of his money and then started to make fraudulent withdrawals against a credit card.  The total fraud was over $13,000.  He wanted to make amends and plead guilty but he also wanted to stay out of jail. Read more about sentencing proceedings.


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