Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences

The sexual offences category includes the offences of ‘sexual assault’, ‘sexual interference’, ‘sexual exploitation’, ‘invitation to sexual touching’, and other such offences. Sexual offences allegations can be by family members or strangers; adults or children. They can be alleged to have occurred in the recent past or years ago. Depending on the nature of the sexual offences allegations and when they were alleged to have occurred, the matter may proceed as either a summary conviction matter or an indictable matter. The maximum penalties for indictable matters are higher than for summary conviction matters.


R. v. W.Z. – Sexual Offences Case

Willy started an office affair with a co-worker, Kristina. They were in love but the problem was that she was married. When Kristina’s husband found out, she feared that she would lose her children. To protect herself, she claimed that Willy had forced her into the relationship and was threatening to expose it if she didn’t continue on with him. Kristina’s husband insisted that they go to the police. Willy was charged with sexual assault and criminal harassment. Read the transcript of the trial and the eventual decision acquitting Willy. Read more about this sexual offences case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. D.H. – Sexual Offences Case

30 years ago, Davide Henrige was in a common law relationship.  During that time he was a step-dad to four children.  The relationship eventually fell apart and David moved on.  As far as he was concerned, it was all ancient history.  Years later, though, 2 of those children came forward and claimed that David had sexually assaulted them on numerous occasions during their childhood.   Read more about this sexual offences case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. F.M. Sexual Offences Case

Filipo Morris was a 42-year old bachelor living at home with his parents. His mother ran a daycare out of their home and babysat several small children. One of those children complained that Filipo had sexually assaulted her. The parents went to the police. The police contacted Filipo. He immediately provided a full confession. Filipo wanted to take responsibility and plead guilty to what he had done but he was terrified of going to prison. He absolutely wanted to stay out of jail. Avoiding a jail-sentence in these circumstances would be a difficult result to achieve. Read more about this sexual offences case.

R. v. R.J. Sexual Offences Case

Rory Jones was charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.  His plan was to plead guilty and seek a non-jail sentence. Read more about this sexual offences case. Read this testimonial.

R. v. M. N. Sexual Offences Case

Mack Norton was charged with sexual assault and sexual interference.  It was alleged that he had sexually assaulted his small niece.  Mack protested his innocence and claimed that she had been manipulated by a vengeful adult relative.  Read more about this sexual offences case.

R. v. S. W.C. Sexual Offences Case

Shawn Wayne Cox was only 12 years old but was facing a charge of sexual assault.  He was alleged to have squeezed the breast of a female classmate.  The matter eventually proceeded to trial but was thrown out.  Read more about this sexual offences case.

R. v. Dan Goderidge

Dan’s marriage was falling apart.  One day, he and his wife got into an argument.  He walked out on her.  She tried to get him to come back but he said it was over.  She then went to the police and complained that he had sexually assaulted her repeatedly over the course of their marriage.  Read more about this sexual assault case.  Read Dan’s testimonial.


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