Theft & Fraud

Theft and Fraud

The Theft and Fraud category encompasses anything from shoplifting to major corporate embezzlement. Theft and Fraud are hybrid offences, which means that the Crown may proceed by either indictment or summary conviction.


R. v. A.R. – Theft and Fraud Case

Alonzo Rambo and his wife, Felice Mambo, had successfully established themselves in Canada after years of sacrifice, hard work and struggle. Things were going well for them until their past came back to haunt them. Both were charged with fraud. They were being accused of having stolen from the welfare system. The theft and fraud case against them was strong. They had worked so hard to make it and now it seemed that it was all for naught. Neither could afford a criminal record. Felice wasn’t a Canadian citizen and a conviction could lead to her deportation. Alonzo worked in the financial industry and a conviction would certainly spell the end of his career. Felice did not want to take the matter to trial. Ultimately, their theft and fraud case was resolved so that the charge against Felice was withdrawn and the Alonzo was discharged by the judge. Read more about this theft and fraud case.

R. v. B.R. – Theft and Fraud Case

One night, Bogey Ragubeersingh took a trip to Casinorama.  He gambled away all of his money.  Then, he started to make fraudulent withdrawals against a credit card totalling over $13,000.  He was charged with fraud.  He wanted to plead guilty but didn’t want to go to jail.  He had no way to pay back the money.  The Crown was seeking a stiff jail sentence.  He came to me for help on this theft and fraud case.  I was able to keep Mr. Ragubeersingh out of jail.  He was allowed to serve his sentence in the community so that he could continue to provide for his family. Read more about this theft and fraud case.


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