Weapons Offences

Weapons Offences

Weapons offences is a wide and varied category that encompasses the use and possession of weapons that can include everything from everyday, ordinary objects to firearms.


R. v. R.M. – Weapons Offences Case

Ruben Miller was only 18 years old.  Ruben was out driving one late night.  He was pulled over by a police officer and removed from his vehicle.  He was then searched as was his car.  The officer claimed that Ruben had been driving at an excessive speed.  Ruben denied this.  He was charged with dangerous driving, possession of marihuana, and possession of a prohibited weapon.  At trial he was ultimately acquitted of all the offences. Read more about this weapons offences case.

R. v. N.B. – Weapons Offences Case

Nathan Balilalingam was a high school student who ran with the wrong crowd. One day he and one of his friends, Chris Paralingam, confronted a group of kids who they had some problems with. An argument ensued and then Paralingam pulled out a gun and fired it in the direction of the group. Everyone fled. Eventually, Balilalingam was arrested and charged with weapons offences: pointing a firearm, possessing a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace, assault with a weapon, and uttering death threats. At his preliminary hearing, he was committed to stand trial on all charges despite the defence’s arguments that there was no evidence that Balilalingam was a party to any of the offences. The defence brought an application to have the preliminary hearing judge’s decision reversed. Upon reading the application materials, the Crown withdrew all charges against Mr. Balilalingam. Read the factum (written legal argument) that lead to a complete victory for Balilalingam. Read more about this weapons offences case.


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