Shoplifting: Understanding Why People Do It

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There is a misconception among the general public that people who shoplift do it because they are greedy or it is about the money.  As a lawyer in practice for nearly twenty years, I have represented many people who have been charged with shoplifting.  The reason for having committed the offence is rarely so cut and dry.  It is true – there are some who were just hoping to get away with not having to pay for the item.  However, in many instances the reasons are varied and wide.  There really is no stereotype of the person who shoplifts.  They can be poor people, rich people, highly educated people, well-to-do people.  It doesn’t seem to matter.  And their reasons are just as diverse.  For some, it has to do with addiction.  For others it is a form of unconscious rebellion against “the system”.  Yet still, for others, it is a cry for help or attention.  An excellent article was written on this topic by Heidi Staseson of the National Post.  Here is the link:  Stolen moments:  What compels regular folks to engage in petty theft?


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