R. v. R.J. | Examples Of Favourable Verdicts

Toronto Region

Her Majesty The Queen


Robert James

Proceedings at Court

Before His Worship Justice of the Peace T. Fowler
May 28, 2007, at Toronto, Ontario

Courtroom 505

Ms. A. Molly – Counsel for the Crown
Mr. T. Pain – Counsel for the Accused

Ms. Molly: Robert James at 137.

Mr. Pain: Good morning, Your Worship. My name is Pain, P-A-I-N, initial T. I’m appearing as designated counsel, pursuant to a designation that was filed some time ago. I understand that Ms. Molly will be withdrawing the charge today.

The Court: What is the line number, counsel?

Ms. Molly: 137.

The Court: Thank you.

Ms. Molly: Yes, that’s correct. The Crown has reviewed this and concluded that on the basis of the videotape and also a letter outlining the Defence position in this, there’s no reasonable prospect of conviction. So, we’re withdrawing the charge.

The Court: So one count against Robert James, from the 17th of September, is withdrawn at the request of the Crown. Thank you. Thank you, counsel.