B.B.S., Brampton | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

“Tushar is one of the best criminal lawyers you could ask for…”
“In the spring of 2002 my life took a dramatic change from the norm. I was having some family problems and my spouse was having work related stress problems. One night things went too far and the police were involved. They placed me under arrest for assault causing bodily harm. Now I am in the system, no chance to contact my employer or get a proper lawyer. I finally get out of jail and go home to my father’s farm in the north. This is serious business and a good lawyer is top priority for me. The phone book is full of them, they all sound much the same on the phone. Tushar Pain called me back and gave me some of his time and I felt comfortable with his professional conduct and actions on my behalf. He was contactable by phone all the time. Always during the months of court appearances he explained his strategies in order to get me the results that would clear me of any wrong doings. The police have a very narrow view and will want to entertain you in a miserable world and uncomfortable surroundings. Let it be known that Tushar is one of the best criminal lawyers you could ask for and in my case he was able to get me non-restrained freedom back. Thanks a lot Tushar.”
B.B.S., Brampton