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Tushar – the life saver.

I was charged with an over 80 after attending a friend’s birthday party. My case was particularly difficult as I had blown almost twice the legal limit.

I interviewed 6-7 lawyers. I felt helpless as the first question every lawyer would ask me was how much of a retainer I’d be able to pay them. Tushar was the first lawyer to sit down and discuss my case and explain the fee structure later.

I retained Tushar and he carried out all of the procedures in a professional and careful manner.

He analyzed the case with expert legal scrutiny and found a viable defense. He pointed out my request for a breath sample may have been unlawful and felt strongly about pursuing this angle to get us a favorable judgement.

On the trial day, Tushar continued on with his calm, supportive demeanor and explained the process.

The trial result? Not Guilty!

The judge pointed out that Tushar’s paperwork/argument was submitted in a professional and complete manner and was already indicative of the flaws in the Crown’s case. As a result I was acquitted of all charges.

As a professional, I rely on many licenses, including my drivers to continue on with my career. These licenses would’ve been revoked should I have been charged criminally.

The stakes were high but Tushar truly saved my life.


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