C.W., Toronto | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

“I trusted [Mr. Pain] and he met me with understanding and support about my situation.”
“One day I made a mistake, unders stressful I walk away from the store with not pay yet to that merchandise. Security caught me and I’ve been charged with shoplifting. My world has changed up side down like a hell. That very embarassed thing I’ve ever done in my live. I was try to call many lawyer but none. Finally I found Mr. Pain’s website and start from there I called him. It’s something different in his voice that make me comfortable. I trusted him and he met me with understanding and support about my situation. He always available to answer your questions about legal process and your case. He help me everything from start until finished (Destruction file).

Finally he withdrawn my case and my life is back. I would recommend him to everyone in need of defence lawyer. Because his calming manner and his proffessionality is the I ever got from him. Thank you so much for everything you have done on my case, Mr. Pain.”
C.W., Toronto,