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Hi Tushar, I cannot even begin to imagine how much I (and my wife) are indebted to you. As you know, the last few months before the trial had been a harrowing time for me and my wife. I was stressed all along as to what the outcome of the trial would be. I also knew, all along that I am in good hands. You handled my case so efficiently and professionally and supported me in so many ways that no matter what the outcome of the trial, I will always have so much respect for you. And then, despite all the attempts made by the other party to convict me, because of your handling of the case, the verdict came in my favor. What a momentous time it was! It truly felt as if a huge suffocating burden had been relieved off my shoulder. I will never forget that moment and that day. We spent the rest of the day enjoying downtown Toronto.  I and my wife would like to thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to give me back my life again. THANK YOU!

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