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“Tushar often expends tremendous efforts on even a minor point of law.”

“What makes a lawyer a great advocate and strategist? It’s competence, confidence, preparation, and persistence, all coupled with superlative communication skills. Having worked with Mr. Pain over the years on various criminal matters, both cooperatively and as opposing counsel, I can assure you that he has these attributes in abundance. In every case, he identifies an attainable goal, and then assiduously directs his energies and abilities to achieving that goal. He’s also very thorough, often expending tremendous efforts on even a minor point of law (which can often make the difference between winning and losing). I recall working with Mr. Pain on a very serious rape case. To his credit, Mr. Pain had spent over 100 hours researching both the facts and the law. His efforts went above and beyond the call of duty (to such an extent that Legal Aid refused to pay him for many of these hours of preparation). In the end, his efforts were essential to the jury’s final say in the matter: Not guilty.”

Craig J. Penney, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Toronto


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