D.M., Pickering | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

“We engaged Tushar and we were able to attain a positive outcome.”
November 2003, was the worst month of my life. My wife was charged with a criminal offence. I was scared, embarassed, confused. I could only think of the worst-case scenarios. There was no one to turn to. And even if there was, how could I tell anyone what had happened? I had to find a lawyer. I had to talk about this. The only lawyer I ever had to deal with previously was for the closing of my home purchase! I resorted to the Internet after trying the yellow pages. Somehow, I landed on Tushar’s web site and things began to change almost immediately. As I read, I not only found out more about what my wife was faced with, but I got the feeling that the person behind the web site was knowledgeable, experienced, professional, positive, and realistic. I sent an e-mail and the response was quick. We engaged Tushar and we were able to attain a positive outcome. Not once along the way did he give false expectations. He always presented the options in a clear, confident manner. I would recommend Tushar to anyone and especially to anyone who has never had to navigate the legal system. Thanks, Tushar.”
D.M., Pickering