D.M., Toronto | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

“Mr. Pain brought me my name back.”
“One day I made a mistake. I tried to steal and got caught. It’s hard to explain what it feels to be accused in shoplifting. The whole entire world seemed changed for me. I was feeling like hell. I hated myself for what I’ve done. I was afraid of losing my career, my reputation, my future. And, I couldn’t tell anybody about it — I had to hide it from people. There was nobody I could share my fears with, nobody to ask what to do. I was ashamed of myself. Despaired, I started to look for a lawyer. I got through many calls and people. But no one inspired me with confidence. I was losing my hope. The time was running out. I was feeling like being trapped in a cage. Then, I called on Tushar’s number. There was something in his voice. That something what makes you believe in a miracle. I trusted him. Tushar met me with understanding and support. He was honest to me. He gave me the hope I was looking for. He really put maximum of his effort in my case — like in the way if he would do it for himself. Tushar won the case. The charge I was given got cleared away. Mr. Pain brought me my name back. He did more than just a law work — he saved my life. Thank you.”
D.M., Toronto