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I cannot thank enough for what Tushar did for me.

When I got separated from my wife – she charged me with false criminal charges which were enough to put me in jail and ruin my life, my job and everything.  I never dealt with any lawyer or police in any matter before.

I was not sure how to select a lawyer , I spoke with a few Lawyers recommended by friends and family. After talking to Tushar my gut instinct somehow pushed me to hire him and I am very glad that I made the right choice.

My case lasted for about 18 months with 3 hearings and throughout these tough times Tushar helped me.  He was so patient and was always available for any help. I did called him late in the night, on weekends and whenever I had a question or any concern.  It really felt that he was with me all the time – I never had to leave a message or wait for an appointment or talk to his secretary.

I am very happy with the outcome of the case. Case was dismissed and all charges were removed. The way Tushar handled the case that I was not even questioned by the Crown.

He proved that my ex-wife was lying all along. He saved me from getting trapped in my ex-wife’s bad intentions.


Tushar is very honest, professional & good listener.  He speaks less but his understanding and presentation skills are awesome. He is a great guy .  I would strongly recommend  his services to anyone who is in trouble and confused like me.

Once again many many thanks to you Tushar

Read the judgment in Dan’s case.



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