R. v. Colin Coolidge | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

If you are fortunate in life you have the opportunity to meet some good people. If you are very fortunate – you have the opportunity to meet a few exceptional people. In retaining and using the services of Tushar Pain I was in the very fortunate category.

I am a senior executive with a major firm who found myself facing criminal prosecuction. I did extensive research in my quest for the best possible legal counsel. In the search for legal representation you will come across many individuals who have impressive credentials and an even greater number of people who make impressive promises. You will meet very few who make it their daily commitment to make good on those promises.

Tushar is not only an extremely competent professional, but an even more extraordinary and admirable person. He will represent you not only with an supreme level of professionalism, but with an exceedingly rare level of compassion and dedication that is sadly absent in many within this field.

When facing a criminal matter your reputation and your future depend on the counsel you retain. This was perhaps the most trying yet important period of my life. I am forever grateful for the faith I placed in Tushar. Not only did I get represented by one of the best criminal attorney’s that money can buy – I also got to know a truly great person who restored much of my faith in the legal system.

In a justice system that is not always fair or reasonable – you can rest assured you are in the best of hands with Tushar being a part of your team. I bet my future on him and I am grateful I did.

Colin Coolidge, Toronto