R. v. Mary Peel | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dear Tushar,

My experience with you over the last 4 months as my Lawyer has been so emotional. You not only provided a service to me as my lawyer but demonstrated your empathy, concern, and genuine caring not only for me but also for Charles (my husband) which I am so overwhelmed and grateful to you for as he has gone through so much because of me – there is no amount of money that could be paid to receive such a gift and I value that part of you. That is something you gave freely and that is what completes you as an insightful Lawyer. I believe that you will be extremely successful in your practice as you have found your calling. Somehow, I think you would have also made a great doctor too – I could just imagine your bed side manner – calm, caring and someone whose words are trusted.

Tushar, thank you so much, you always “did what you said you were going to do”. You took me step by step through all the processes I would go through, and I was prepared. You called me back when you said you would, you listened and listened and listened to my story – You understood the key aspects of my story – You knew my story and most of all I knew you knew I was telling the truth and that was very important to me. That was the deciding factor to retaining you as my Lawyer. As crazy as my story seemed I just wanted you to believe me if you were going to work with me. Thank you for that – I don’t know why you did because it is a crazy story. I am so very happy that we met and I will refer you to all my friends and family as you do deserve all good things in life. You are an excellent Lawyer and a gentleman.

Oh, and by the way I also loved how you dressed. – STYLE!

Kindest Regards,

Mary Peel, Stouffville