Requested No Name, Vaughan | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

“…Tushar was able to build a strong case, which eventually resulted in my charges being dropped.”
“I was in a situation where I turned to the police for help with a crime where I was the victim. After an arrest was made, the tables turned against me and instead of helping me, the police called me to the station and arrested me and charged me with a number of crimes including public mischief. I was devasted at the time, especially because it was the first time I had gone through anything like this.

I searched on the Internet for a criminal defence lawyer, and I actually called someone else first before I called Tushar. The other person didn’t seem interested in helping me out and advised me to go to court myself and obtain the disclosure, and then get back to him. I wasn’t satisfied with the response I received, so I kept on looking and I came across Tushar’s website.

One call to Tushar, and I was already at ease. He took the time to listen to my concerns, and seemed very confident. After listening to the facts over the phone, he mentioned to me right away that I had a good case, and that I shouldn’t worry about anything. Right from the beginning, he was very helpful, friendly, and courteous, and he genuinely cared about my case.

Needless to say, Tushar was able to build a strong case, which eventually resulted in my charges being dropped. I especially appreciate the time and attention he gave to me throughout my case. Anytime I had a question or needed clarification, Tushar was always available and was always willing to help. If you are looking for a professional, courteous, and aggressive criminal defence lawyer, I highly recommend that you contact Tushar.”
Requested No Name, Vaughan, Ontario