Stephanie Romano | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

I was careless enough to get myself in a serious situation with an impaired charge and needed professional help to guide me and assist with the difficult decisions that I would need to make. I found Tushar through his website after having spoken to several lawyers before him.

I found Tushar to be a calming presence when it seemed everything was spinning out of control. He was clear and concise as to the nature of the charges and the potential outcome and was at all time honest and clear as to the probable results based on the evidence. He never promised anything other than his full and complete attention to my case.

Ultimately based on Tushar’s advice I decided to go to trial; in the days before the date I was astounded to be told by Tushar that the crown was willing to let me plead to a careless driving offence. I believe that the effort and dedication that Tushar put into my defence led to this result and for this I will always be grateful. Thank You Tushar.