W.Z., Toronto | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dear Tushar:

It is just days after the conclusion of my trial, and words cannot express how grateful and pleased I am in the outcome and the services that you provided.

When I was criminally charged one year ago in June 2005, I was devastated. However, immediately after employing your services, you have calmed my nerves and guided me through this entire process with sensitivity to the nature of the charges and with confidence in me. You have left me both confident and secure that the truth will be revealed.

At the trial, your approach and your strategy amazed me. You left me in awe when the charges were dismissed part way through your cross examination of the plaintiff. It was a bittersweet moment as I never did get to testify (phew!), which I was prepared to do, but I never got the chance to reveal the full truth. If I had any complaints about you, the only thing that came to mind is that you did your job too well!!!

As I said before, words will never describe the calmness and ease with which you turned this difficult matter into. Thank you.


Willy Zane

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