Willy Chu, Mississauga | Client and Colleague Testimonials for Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dear Tushar,

You lifted the dark glooming cloud hanging above me
over the long 8 months, the two magical words after
trial, “NOT GUILTY!”

After being criminally charged with domestic assault
in September 2007, I was devastated, scared and
confused. After being released on bail, on the weekend
that followed, I scrambled over the yellow pages
looking for a lawyer who could help me, only to get
the answering machines. I then began searching the
internet, and after coming across your web site and
reading client testimonials and cases, I wanted to
contact you. I was amazed at how promptly you
responded to helping me. After my consultation with
you, I found you to be an extremely knowledgeable,
committed, and compassionate person. Your
recommendation for counseling showed me how kind and
caring a person you are. Your referral to Dr. Quek,
was very helpful and comforting for me with the agony
and anxiety I faced in that difficult time.

During the months before the trial, you kept me
up-to-date with the latest developments, and I found
you remained focused and very determined to reach our
goal. You were always accessible whenever I needed to
ask you questions. Your preparation for trial
gave me a clear understanding of your strategy,
pointing out the inconsistencies and weaknesses of the
case against me.

At trial, your skills and confidence really shined.
Seeing you in action and cross examination impressed
me at how much you remembered from our very first
meeting and it left me in awe when the truth was
finally admitted. After cross examination, I felt
confident in my testimony and in the end, you won my
case, and I was exonerated.

Thank you Tushar Pain! You saved my life!

Willy Chu, Mississauga

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